Please allow me to introduce myself. My pen-name is Liza Summerwind. I live with my family not far from Berlin in Germany and could matriculate myself at the Philosophical Department of the University of Heidelberg. I am writing my doctoral thesis on the side and work full-time as an employee in a law firm. I also have begun a children’s book and illustrate it myself. My heart is much involved in it and I hope that it will bring some happiness and good luck to its young readers. It is called „Branta the Goose and her Adventures“, and below are some illustrations.

A short description of  “Branta the Goose and her Adventures”:

The main hero of the fairy tale is the Goose Branta, who together with her friend Kai the Titmouse has various adventures while trying to safe Lukas the Elf and to find a Book of Magic, which she has to bring back to the Water King and so restore the Harmony of Nature.

Thank you for your attention!

Yours Liza Summerwind